Tuesday, 20 April 2021

BusConnects - A status update from the NTA

The following email was recently sent to our local Councillors. Our thanks to Cllr. Deirdre Conroy for sharing it with us:

Dear Public Representative,

We hope you are keeping well and safe. 

This email is a status update in relation to the BusConnects Core Bus Corridors Project.

As you will all be aware, BusConnects completed its third round of non-statutory public consultation last December 2020. We received almost 3,700 submissions following this final round. Since then, we are continuing to review all submissions and consider them as part of the finalisation of Preferred Route Options Reports.

In addition, work is continuing on the transport and environmental impact assessments. Once finished these reports will culminate in the completion of an Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) for each Scheme together with the Compulsory Purchase Order Schedules and Maps with specific details of lands to be acquired.

The NTA has written to An Bord Pleanála (ABP) to commence a pre-application consultation process with the Board and is due to have an initial meeting in the coming weeks.

Potentially impacted landowners that may be subject of the compulsory purchase order (CPO) process will receive further communications from BusConnects to commence detailed discussions and information gathering during the months of April/May prior to finalisation of the necessary CPO schedules and maps for the statutory planning application.

We anticipate that the statutory planning applications will be submitted to An Bord Pleanála (ABP) during June or July for its consideration and determination.

A formal statutory public consultation process will then be undertaken by An Bord Pleanála as part of their deliberations. During this process, the final Environmental Impact Assessment Report for each Scheme, plus Preferred Route Option Reports and Traffic Impact Assessments will be published and available for viewing. The public will again have the opportunity to have their views heard and considered by An Bord Pleanála as part of the process of their consideration of the proposals.

We will be in contact in due course with further updates.


BusConnects Team 

Saturday, 17 April 2021

Proposed 30kph Speed Limit throughout the City - Have Your Say

 ** Closes 23rd April **

Dublin City Council wish to engage through public consultation with members of the public with regard to the expansion of the 30km/h speed limit in the city. As part of the non-statutory consultation phase they would like to get your feedback by answering some questions about these proposals.

The aim of the Proposal for Dublin City Council Special Speed Limit bye-Laws April 2021 Concept Design is to reduce the default speed limit to 30km per hour across most areas of the city. 

The proposal for the south east area of the city is for a blanket 30kph limit on ALL roads (save a small length of the Donnybrook road). There is a map showing the south east area here.

More maps covering the rest of the City can be found at the bottom of the survey introduction page here.

You are invited to submit your opinion on the proposal using the survey here.

The survey closes on 23rd April.

Saturday, 16 January 2021

CALL TO ACTION: Submissions to Greater Dublin Area Transport Strategy consultation – deadline 20th January


The Rethink Metro Group have asked us to publicise their call to action: to have your say and make an online submission to the Greater Dublin Area Transport Strategy consultation which closes this Friday 22nd January.

We need everybody in your household to make online submissions using the link below. This also includes an overview of the review which will establish the priority transport projects up to 2042:


You will recall the NTA announced last year that the new Metrolink line would terminate at Charlemont at the Grand Canal near Ranelagh where it meets the Luas Green line and a Railway Order is now planned for mid 2021. The NTA said it would tunnel past the Charlemont stop to allow the conversion of the Luas to Metro “to occur at an appropriate point in the future”. This approach needs to change and should align to the long-term plans of Metro South which will be a major focus of the review.

The NTA have initiated a number of studies, the results of which will be fed into the review process. These include:

• Assessment of Metro to Terenure-Rathfarnham-Knocklyon
• Assessment of Metro to UCD-Sandyford.

In your online individual submission you will firstly need to complete “multiple choice tick-box” questions and then at the end add specific feedback in the comments field or attach a document. Sample text you can pick and choose from for your comments and tailor: 

• I welcome the consultation. However, I am concerned that pending the outcome of the strategic review, the NTA/TII is proceeding with incremental investment in solutions that are aligned with current strategy, but which may pre-empt the conclusions of the current strategy review including the Rail Order on Metrolink, possible alternatives to the current proposed Charlemont/LUAS solution as well as a potential city-centre location for an integrated public transport hub. 

• I welcome assessments underway of Metro to Terenure-Rathfarnham-Knocklyon and Assessment of Metro to UCD-Sandyford. These routes makes much more sense than current plan to replace the LUAS Green Line from Charlemont to Sandyford. What city centre locations will be included in these studies? Specific public consultation is required on these.

• The proposed extension of the MetroLink to Sandyford at a later date is not an acceptable solution for the communities living along the LUAS Green Line. The division of the our communities and the loss of easy access as a consequence of the fully segregated rail line is not a viable solution. The social costs of the transport link are far too high and the considerable long term downsides of the proposed MetroLink extension far outweigh any of the potential benefits.

• The closure of the LUAS Green Line for up to 2 to 3 years, even on a phased basis, during the construction is unacceptable. The disruption to over 80,000 commuters (by that time) and the increase in traffic which will arise from this cause chaos on all of the main arteries into the city from the Southside.

• The NTA should revert to the creation of an integrated transport hub in St. Stephens Green which would allow for the interchange between the MetroLink and the LUAS Green line and cater for the development of the DART Underground should it ever be resurrected instead of having the LUAS/MetroLink interchange at Charlemont. This would not only save money but would also allow the MetroLink to continue East onto UCD or to South West as appropriate.

Thanks again for your support.

Rethink Metrolink Team


More information can be found at https://rethinkmetrolink.ie

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Trees to be Pruned or Removed in Buhy Park

The Parks Department of Dublin City Council South East Area have informed us that following a recent condition assessment, certain imminent remedial work is to be carried out on the following mature trees in Bushy Park before Christmas.

Ash - Fraxinus sp. Tree Removal. Decay due to Inonotus hispidus fungi located in the crown of the tree and because of the location of the decay and the extent of the fungus within the tree, it is not possible to prune the tree so removal is required.

Oak - Quercus sp. Reduction of the tree to a monolith of approximately 4m and monitor annually. Decay resulting from the Ganoderma resinaceum fungi over approximately 80% on the base of the trunk making the tree unsafe, requiring essential works. 

Horse Chestnut - Aesculus sp. Tree Removal. Fungal growth causing serious decline necessitating its removal.

Beech - Fagus sp. Tree Removal. Tree is dead and in the interest of public safety needs to be removed. 

These trees are located in the park adjacent to Templeogue Road, close to Park Depot buildings and the weekend market. Additional pruning of mature trees in this area will be undertaken as part of our ongoing Tree Maintenance Programme.

 Further information, if required, can be requested by contacting parks@dublincity.ie

Monday, 14 December 2020

Warning - Burglaries occurring in the Terenure area

Please be aware that a number of house break-ins have occurred over the last few days in the Terenure village area.  The "modus operandi" appears to be entry (gained by force if necessary), very quick ransacking, and exit within 3 minutes. The perpetrators appear to be after cash primarily, and while presumably targetting what they believe are unoccupied properties, this does not seem to be an issue for them. The most common times are between 5pm and 7pm, but can occur at any time.

Please be vigilant, and report any suspicious activity IMMEDIATELY to the Gardai on 999 or 112

Sunday, 13 December 2020

TRA Submission in Relation to BusConnects Core Bus Corridor Proposals

The following is the submission made by the Terenure Residents' Association to the NTA relating to the latest BusConnects proposals.  You are invited to make your own submission before 16 December by email to cbc@busconnects.ie.  More information about making a submission can be found at www.busconnects.ie



Terenure Residents’ Association (TRA) represents approximately 800 households covering an area that includes much of Terenure Village, surrounding estates, main roads and side roads (Fig 1). We are established over 30 years. This submission will relate to the plan as it affects our area and the households we represent.

Figure 1. Terenure Residents Association Catchment

We have engaged with the consultation process for Bus Connects from the outset. Due to the pandemic, we requested a deferment of the submission deadline however this was refused. As many of our members do not have internet access or skills, we also requested that all households receive hard copies of corridor brochures. However, we did not receive any response. We consulted with our members within the constraints of COVID-19 public health guidelines.

The overwhelming response from residents was that these proposals are TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE AND TOTALLY UNJUSTIFIED. 

Our members are seriously affected by proposals for Corridors 10 and 12 directly, and indirectly by Corridor 11. Proposed land acquisition for Corridor 12 affects approximately 55 properties on Rathfarnham Road and Terenure Road East, and 1 property on Rathdown Park. Resultant road widening of up to 4 metres would create a hostile corridor through the community with serious impacts on the amenity, ambiance, environment and heritage, and effective shrinkage of the village footprint. Construction of a second bridge over the Dodder is unnecessary and impacts the Dodder environment.

Rerouting from corridors 10 and 11, together with Bus Gates in Rathmines and other local restrictions, will generate significantly increased traffic levels on Terenure Road West, Terenure Road North, Rathfarnham Road and Bushy Park Road and impede local circulation. No public realm enhancements whatsoever have been proposed for Terenure. 

The proposals for Terenure are disproportionate in comparison to other areas. For example, proposals for Merrion Road, Crumlin Road, Lower Kimmage Road, Rathgar Road, Templeogue Village, Mobhi Road and Grattan Crescent all include treatments that conserve the built environment, do not involve road widening, incorporate traffic reduction strategies, and enhance local public realm. The opposite approach is contained in the proposals for Terenure and instead include road widening, significant traffic increases and destruction of the village.

The pandemic restrictions brought many changes including increased opportunities for remote shopping, working and learning. Mobility will always be critical but probably less focused on city centres. We believe these changes have not been adequately reflected in the current proposals.

The Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area (2016) ignored the transport requirements of current and future populations in the south west of Dublin. It is likely that during the upcoming review transport solutions will be reassessed including a metro to the south west. This review will also reflect changing commuter practices and we suggest that Core Bus Corridors project is postponed until the review is complete.

Road Widening

Unsuitable Road Design

TRA rejects proposals to widen Rathfarnham Road and Terenure Road East. Widening the carriageway by up to 4 metres will create a hostile corridor through the heart of our community and constitute an unsuitable road design for a village and residential area. The Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government’s Design Manual for Urban Streets 2019 (DMURS), sets out the modern, sustainable approach to treatment of urban streets. It highlights how urban street design should shift from the conventional traffic conduit approach and should instead be framed by viewing the street as a place with a social function, putting sustainability, multimodal movement, pedestrians and accessibility at the heart of street design. The proposals presented for bus corridors in our area are the complete antithesis of these fundamental principles and only serve to obliterate Terenure.

The NTA did not properly consider or analyse any alternatives to road widening in their background feasibility study and it appears that the outcome was predetermined.

Zoning -Z2 

Dublin City Council has zoned much of Terenure as Z2 i.e. with the objective “to protect and/or improve the amenities of residential conservation areas…” The current proposals appear to completely disregard, and are in breach of this objective.


The proposed road widening will destroy the irreplaceable historical streetscape, fabric and character of Terenure and will breach the objectives of Dublin City Council Development Plan with regard to our built heritage (Chapter 11, Built Heritage and Culture). On Rathfarnham Road, 30 properties are impacted by road widening, the majority of which date from a century ago. Much of the road still has original boundaries, and the castellated walls of Stringer built houses form part of the distinct architectural heritage of Terenure. Preservation of the setting of Stringer houses in Terenure has previously set precedent in planning decisions. Memorial Hall is also listed as a protected structure.

Terenure Road East has a historical streetscape with houses originating from mid 19thcentury. Current proposals for Terenure Road East will impact 25 properties, many of which are listed on Dublin City Council’s Record of Protected Structures (Nos 61,63, 65, 67, 74,76,78). Destruction of protected curtilage comprising of historical cut stone and old brick walls, pillars and railings is totally unjustified and unacceptable.

Trees /Environment

Terenure is a firmly established area with mature trees and greenery. Road widening will result in extensive loss of greenery and mature trees on both public and private land. Up to 20 mature trees will be lost on Rathfarnham Road and a similar number on Terenure Road East – some of which are centuries old and irreplaceable. Removal of these trees, together with gardens and greenery will have a significant impact on the environment and amenity of the area.

Health and Safety

Widening roads encourages speeding and poses a significant health and safety risk for all road users. Widening roads in Terenure will also shorten driveways, necessitating reversing out onto the carriageway. This will also involve reversing onto cycling lanes in many cases which is extremely hazardous. We suggest that proposals aim for minimum carriageway widths (at most, current widths) to discourage speed and engineer safety of all road users and residents.


Road widening on Rathfarnham Road will increase the gradient within many properties (Nos 55, 57,59, 61, 63, 65, 67, 71) and gravely impact safe access and egress. There are also road safety concerns for residents who will be forced to reverse blindly onto the carriageway, particularly onto sloped areas with restricted visibility to oncoming traffic. Residents have not been provided with full details of proposed land acquisition to date and therefore cannot fully assess the resultant impact and breach of building regulations. This is unacceptable.

Pinch Points

The proposed road widening on Rathfarnham Road is unreasonable and unnecessary, particularly as all traffic flow will be restricted in any event at the pinch point of Terenure Cross and to a lesser extent at Rathdown/Rathfarnham Road/Bushy Park Road junction. Similarly, road widening proposals on Terenure Road East are unreasonable as, again, all traffic will be restricted at the same pinch point at Terenure Cross where 4 sets of bus signalling will compete for priority.


Terenure Road East:
We recommend that the Bus Priority Signal on the outbound carriageway is moved eastwards from St Joseph’s Church to the position of the current, underutilised bus priority signal. There is absolutely no need to acquire land and destroy an historic road when the solution is cheap, simple, signal-controlled traffic management. 

Rathfarnham Road:
These recommendations relate to Rathfarnham Road between Pearse Bridge and Terenure Cross.

We recommend that current road space is allocated to 3-lane configuration with priority signal management. This solution can provide a high degree of bus priority and incorporates an alternating bus lane design. This layout was proposed by Eamonn Ryan TD, Minister for
Transport, during the first consultation and is similar to schemes proposed for other corridors in the Bus Connects Project e.g. Crumlin Road, Merrion Road. 


o 1 bus lane and 1 general traffic lane between Dodder Bridge and Rathdown Park. 30KPH speed limit to facilitate sharing of road surface. Alternatively, alternating bus lanes could be used here.
o Maintain proposed arrangement with Bus Priority Signalling between Rathdown Junction and Memorial Hall.
o Move bus lane 50 metres north of Memorial Hall – this balances with commencement of outbound bus lane (alternating bus lanes). Inbound cycle track from Memorial Hall to Terenure Cross.


o Move commencement of bus lane 50 metres south (alternating bus lanes). Outbound cycle track from Terenure Cross to Memorial Hall.
o Bus Priority signals as proposed at Memorial Hall to facilitate bus priority. Outbound, from Rathdown Park to Pearse Bridge, provide 1.5 metre cycle track.


o Between Rathdown Park and Terenure Cross, provide 2 metre footpaths with increasing width towards the village area. Between Rathdown and Pearse Bridge, provide for footpath of varying widths of 1.5 -2.00 metres which is in line with current layout.

This is just one possibility. There are numerous other alternatives that could be considered that utilise combinations of reduction of bus and traffic lanes widths, Bus Priority Signalling, Bus Gates, and even One-Way Systems that would achieve a high level of bus priority and avoid land acquisition. However, these have not been properly considered to date by NTA. We propose that a comprehensive assessment is undertaken to identify which combinations would best avoid land acquisition, reduce traffic burden and conserve the environment, and these alternatives are then presented for further non-statutory consultation.


Traffic Redirection and Restrictions


Terenure is already substantially impacted by heavy traffic and will be further impacted negatively by these proposals. TRA members are concerned at the inadequacy of traffic modelling to date. It is incomplete, treats corridors as silos and not as interconnected pieces and ultimately prohibits our consultation. We are concerned at the advancement of this project before full data is available. We are also concerned that traffic counts and their positioning did not accurately measure true levels of traffic and due to inaccurate data, the model cannot be relied upon.

Rerouting from Corridors 11 and 10:

Restrictions of traffic in Kimmage (Corridor 11), Templeogue Road (Corridor 10), and Rathmines (Corridor 12), together with reopening of Springfield Avenue, mean that Terenure (accessed via Terenure Road West and Rathfarnham Road) and onwards via Terenure Road North, provides the only direct connection to the city centre from the south west. The NTA has acknowledged that traffic levels will significantly increase on Rathfarnham Road, Bushy Park Road, Terenure Road North and Terenure Road West. This escalation is unacceptable.

24/7 Bus Gate Inbound on Templeogue Road;

This 24/7 Bus Gate is unnecessarily restrictive and has the knock-on effect of overloading alternative routes e.g. Terenure Road West and Rathfarnham Road. It will also make it very difficult for residents living on and off Templeogue Road to access Terenure and beyond. We suggest that the bus gate is time
restricted for morning peak hours only
. As there will only be one bus using this road every 5 minutes during rush hour (12 buses maximum), it would appear to be a wasted resource of road space and outside of peak hours, a bus priority signal could be employed instead.

24/7 Right Turn Ban into Rathdown Avenue and Rathdown Park:

A 24/7 ban at these turns severely restricts access for local residents as well as access to Bushy Park. It also places additional pressure on other routes – Rathfarnham Road, Terenure Road West, Bushy Park Road. We recommend that the restrictions are time-plated following assessment of the optimum times.

24/7 Left Turn Ban from Olney Crescent and 24/7 Right Turn Ban from Fergus Road onto Templeogue Road:

These restrictions are unnecessarily harsh for residents. Removal of these restriction would only generate a small number of car movements therefore we recommend moving the bus gate westwards to allow residents of Olney Crescent/Grove and Fergus Road to access Terenure Village without an excessively circuitous journey. A second option is to apply restrictions for morning peak hours only.

24/7 Left Turn Ban onto Terenure Road East from Greenmount Road

A 24/7 ban is unnecessary and severely restricts Greenmount residents accessing the village area. Removing these restrictions would only generate a small number of car movements therefore we recommend removing this ban, or time-plating it for peak evening hours only.

Environmental Considerations:

Increased traffic with increased exposure and proximity to air pollutants has serious implications for the health of residents. There have been no environmental impact studies performed along impacted routes in Terenure to measure either noise or air quality despite requests from residents. It is very disturbing that proposals have progressed to this extent without the proper environmental input and controls.

Cycling Arrangements

We welcome improved cycle facilities and the introduction of ‘Quiet Streets’ which will have low traffic levels and encourage safe sharing of road space.

We welcome the provision of a cycle track along Terenure Road North with the proviso that adequate loading, disabled and car parking is provided for, and greenery, pavement widths and public realm is improved.

We note that the alternate Rathfarnham cycle route may not appeal to all cyclists and some may prefer to take a more direct route. We therefore recommend that Rathfarnham Road is designated a 30KPH zone to allow for safer sharing of road space.

New Dodder Cycle Bridge

We are concerned at the scale, impact and cost of the new Dodder cycle bridge opening into the cul de sac in Rathdown Park. This structure is unnecessary as it duplicates an existing cycle bridge some 400 metres away. Due to the elevation, it will be overwhelming in size, require extensive ramping and will impact significantly on the Dodder amenity, environment and ecology. Land acquisition significantly impacts one property. We suggest that plans for this bridge are abandoned and acceptable alternatives considered.

Village Area

Public Realm enhancement have been proposed for many other areas as part of the Core Bus Corridor project. e.g. Kimmage, Ballsbridge, Rathmines, Stoneybatter. However, no public realm or indeed any improvements have been proposed for Terenure Village. We therefore recommend that the NTA immediately engage with Dublin City Council, TRA and local business and community groups to generate a Village Improvement Plan. This plan should function as a critical pillar of this transport project.

We recommend that there is provision for largescale enhancement of the central village area. We recommend introducing a textured, coloured, paved road surface with an appealing aesthetic that would denote the village area, discourage speeding, offer definition to the commercial, social and community centres and give a sense of ‘place’. A similar scheme is to be found along George’s Street in Dun Laoghaire.

We recommend maximising footpath widths throughout the central village area. We note that there is an effective reduction of pavement width around the southern end on Terenure Road North due to allocation to road width and bicycle track. As this is one of the busiest village areas, we recommend increasing pavement widths and adjusting the bicycle track position and road dimensions accordingly. We recommend developing significant public realm improvements and active greening and tree planting the length of Terenure Road North as this road forms a significant part of the village area.

The increased pavement widths proposed along a short section of the western end of Terenure Road East will merely act as a safety buffer on this hostile, heavily trafficked section. For health and safety, it is essential that additional protective bollards are erected along this section to prevent vehicular traffic deliberately or accidently mounting the pavement.

Terenure has recently benefited from erection of heritage style street lighting. It is important that should any of these be relocated, they are replaced with identical structures.

Car parking:

Removal of a significant number of on-street designated car parking spaces as well as loss of informal parking outside of bus lane hours will be a critical loss to local business. Indeed, this is a ridiculous situation where Terenure Village has significantly less public parking provided than Templeogue, an urban village a fraction the size of Terenure. No alternative car parking has been sought by the NTA to date and we suggest that they proactively secure a site for parking within the village area. All options must be explored — surface, multi storey, or underground —and should be integrated with the Village Improvement Plan. Additionally, there are no obvious allocations for disabled parking or loading bays on the plans and we require further detail and information.

Cycle parking

There are no provisions for bicycle stands/racks in these proposals. We suggest an appropriate location is incorporated into the proposals and into the Village Improvement Plan.

Pedestrian crossings

We welcome the addition of signal-controlled crossings at Terenure Cross — on Terenure Road East and Rathfarnham Road crossings. We welcome the improved crossing positionings and reduction to single phase.

Speed Limit Reduction

In addition to the speed limit reduction proposed for Templeogue Road, we also recommend extending the 30KPH zone south to Pearse Bridge, north to Ashdale Road/Terenure Road North Junction, east to the entire length of Terenure Road East and west to Greenlea Road. Reduction of speed limits would improve safety and reduce noise pollution.

Bus Stop Locations

Residents are concerned at the removal of bus stops at Memorial Hall and on either side of Templeogue Road at the Library. This represents a significant inconvenience for many.


o We reject all proposals for road widening and land acquisition to create a hostile corridor through Terenure.
o We reject proposed traffic management plans and diversions that are designed to significantly increase traffic levels through our streets, prioritising through traffic over residents.
o We recommend abandonment of plans for a second Dodder cycle bridge and consideration of acceptable alternatives.
o We recommend the generation of a Village Improvement Plan with input from all relevant stakeholders. This should form one of the essential pillars of the Bus Connects project in Terenure.
o We recommend the NTA prepare revised proposals that work with current road space as well as revised traffic management plans, and engage in further in-depth consultation with all residents and impacted groups.
o We recommend deferment of the corridor project until review of Transport Strategy is competed, particularly in view of changing commuting and working practices.

Monday, 30 November 2020

Found: Ladies watch, found near duck pond in Bushy Park Saturday

 We have been informed that a ladies' watch was found near the duck pond in Bushy Park on Saturday 28th  November.  It can be collected from the tennis club reception.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Bus Connects - Core Bus Corridors - Third Public Consultation

The NTA recently issued revised Core Bus Corridor proposals and are currently holding a period of non-statutory public consultation until 16th December 2020.

Terenure is directly affected by Corridor 10 – Tallaght to Terenure, Corridor 12 – Rathfarnham to City Centre and is indirectly affected by Corridor 11 – Kimmage to City Centre

Detailed brochures outlining the corridors, including detailed maps, can be found at:  




Full details about the Bus Connects project—including virtual consultation rooms—can be found on www.busconnects.ie 


Here is a summary of the main points from each corridor: 

     Corridor 10 – Tallaght to City Centre 

    * Bus Gate inbound (24/7) on Templeogue Road. No general traffic inbound beyond Olney – Templeogue Rd is effectively one way outbound to Fortfield Road except for access to Terenure College, Lakelands Park and Olney. 

    * No right turn (24/7) from Templeogue Road into Rathdown Avenue and Rathdown Park. 

    * Re-opening of right-hand turn from Templeogue into Springfield Avenue with associated signage to redirect Terenure-bound traffic 

    * Bus Priority Signalling in Templeogue Village – this will give bus priority passage through the village whilst holding back general traffic. 

    * 30KPH on Templeogue road from Lakelands Park inwards. 

    * Removal of Bus Stops on each side of Templeogue Road between Library and Lakelands Park. 

    * Cycling provisions: Cycle track through Bushy Park as presently exists. ‘Quiet Street’ treatment on Rathdown Drive where cyclists can share the road with local traffic. Quiet street treatment continues through Rathdown Crescent and onto Rathdown Park where a designated cycle lane commences. There is an outbound designated cycle lane from Terenure Place to the pedestrian entrance at Rathdown Crescent/Drive. 


Corridor 12 – Rathfarnham to City Centre 

    * Significant road widening along the route. (Affected property owners will be contacted directly by NTA). 30 properties affected on Rathfarnham Road between Pearse Bridge and Terenure Cross. 25 properties affected on Terenure Road East. 

    * There are 2-way bus and traffic lanes proposed from Grange Road, Yellow House through to Rathdown /Bushy Park Rd Junction. 

    * Bus Priority Signalling in each direction on short section between Memorial Hall and Rathdown Junction. Bus passage will be given priority whilst holding back general traffic. 

    * Between Memorial Hall and Terenure Cross, 2-way bus, cycle and general traffic lanes are proposed. 

    * 24/7 Bus Only right turn into Terenure Road East at Terenure Cross with Bus Priority Signalling. 

    * Bus Priority Signalling for outbound traffic on TRE at St Josephs. 

    * 2-way bus and general traffic lanes on Terenure Road East between St Joseph’s and Rathgar Village. 

    * Rathgar Road to become one way inbound. Outbound general traffic to go via Upper Rathmines Rd/Highfield Road or Grosvenor Road/Kenilworth/Rathgar Ave or Leinster Road etc. 

    * Bus Gate at Military Road on Rathmines Road Lower – no through inbound or outbound traffic except for bus, cycles and taxis. 

    * Removal of bus stops at Pearse Bridge and Memorial Hall. 

    * Cycling provisions: On-line designated cycle lane from Grange Road to the Yellow House. Thereafter, there is an off-line cycle route along St Mary’s Avenue, along the Owendoher River to Springfield Avenue, over a new Dodder cycle bridge emerging into a ‘Quiet Street’ in Rathdown Park (affecting 1 property). There is a designated cycle lane emerging from Rathdown Park, through to Rathfarnham Road, Terenure Road North and onto Harold’s Cross to the city centre. There is also ‘Quiet Street’ treatment proposed along Wasdale and Victoria road. 


Corridor 11 – Kimmage to City Centre

While this corridor does not directly affect Terenure Village, the proposed 24/7 Bus Gates at the Lower Kimmage Road and Harold’s Cross Park means that there will be no direct route to the city via Kimmage and much of the south city bound traffic will be redirected via Terenure Road West or Springfield Avenue, then through to Terenure and Harold’s Cross. 



Access to the city from Terenure area will be via Harold’s Cross or Ranelagh routes due to the Bus Gate in Rathmines. Across all corridors, there are fewer bus stops and reduced on-street car parking. There will be removal of mature trees and greenery, however, replanting is promised. There will be removal of curtilage from protected structures on Terenure Road East and Rathfarnham Road. 


Call for Submissions 

The NTA has invited submissions from all interested parties before 16th December 2020. We encourage all members to make a submission. Please send your submission to: 

NTA, Harcourt Lane, Dun Scéine, Dublin 2. D02 WT20 

or email to cbc@busconnects.ie 


Terenure Residents Association will also be making a submission to reflect the views of our members and we invite you to email us your comments to, observations and suggestions news@terenureresidentsassociation.ie before December 1st.

Monday, 28 September 2020

New Dublin Bus Network


The National Transport Authority announced the final proposals for redesign of the Dublin Bus networks on Thursday 25th September 2020. These were well covered in the media and full details and maps are available on the link  https://busconnects.ie/initiatives/new-dublin-area-bus-network or by googling “ New Dublin Area Bus Network”

We set out below details of the revised network for the Terenure area and a copy of the relevant maps (these can also be downloaded). The proposals are the same as issued about a year ago for consultation but with a few changes. There will be a replacement service for the 15A (New route 81) and the proposed route A4 has been extended from Nutgrove to Dundrum Luas.  Although we requested it in our submission, there will be no service on Bushy Park Road.  There will no longer be through services beyond Tallaght and a change there is require to get to Blessington or City West. 

Terenure will be served by the A spine of the new network with all four services, A1, A2. A3 and, A4, having the same route from Collins Ave./Swords Road junction to Terenure Cross.  They diverge at these points.  The spine route is Drumcondra, O’Connell St., Georges St., Rathmines and Rathgar.


New Route


Freq. Mins.

Route Details




Beaumont Hospital, A spine to Terenure Cross, then as present 15 via Templeogue Road to Ballycullen


16 from Terenure


Dublin Airport. A spine to Terenure then as present 16 through Rathfarnham but extended via Ballinteer to Dundrum


49 (partly)


Shanowen Road, DCU, A spine to Terenure, then to Tallaght by direct route through Templeogue and along N81


17  (partly)


Swords, A spine to Terenure, then Rathfarnham, and Nutgrove to Dundrum via Barton Road


17 (partly)


Liffey Valley, Ballyfermot, Kylemore Road, Crumlin, KCR, Terenure, Rathgar, Highfield Road, Dartry, Milltown to UCD


54A, 49 (partly)



Finglas, City Centre, Clanbrassil St, then as present route 54A to Templeogue Bridge and on to Tallaght via Firhouse as present route 49





City Centre, Patrick St. Cork St, Crumlin Rd.. Kimmage, KCR, Terenure, Rathfarnham. Ballyboden, Grange Road, Ballinteer to Dundrum



15 - 20

Ringsend to Limekiln as present 15A route but will go via Stephen’s Green and Westland Row to Ringsend


49, 16 and 15B, (partly)

10 - 15

Parnell Square, City Centre, Patrick St.  Clanbrassil St,, Harold’s Cross Road, Terenure, then as present 15B via Rathfarnham, Ballyroan, Knocklyon to Stocking Ave, and then on to Tallaght via Oldcourt and Kiltipper

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