Thursday, 17 January 2019

Public Information Meeting concerning Planning Application at Bill Sheehan Motors Site

The following has been notified to us by Councillor Mary Freehill:


REGARDING PLANNING APPLICATION NO. 4702/18 FOR A 6 STOREY APARTMENT BLOCK (21metres) to accommodate 55 apartments with underground parking for 37 cars exit on Templeogue Rd, ( Pedestrian entrance at 2-6 TERENURE Rd W)

Following on from my letter last week when I promised to help residents respond to this planning application. There is a tight time frame for residents to make observations to this application which must be made by 1st February; I have arranged a public information meeting

ON next Sunday 20th January 
TIME 1.00 p.m 
VENUE St. Joseph’s Parish Hall Terenure 

At this meeting Martin Lynch Architect will make a presentation on the technical aspects of this application to give you a deeper understanding of the implications for the area and to advise you on the technical grounds that you can make your observations.

When we Councillors reviewed our City Development Plan last year, we agreed a maximum height of 15 meters which was an increase from 13m previously. Our decision was overruled last December by Eoghan Murphy, Minister for Planning, Housing and Local Government, which now allows a more liberal approach and has lifted the cap on heights, therefore residents need to make technically strong submissions.

Yours sincerely


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