Thursday, 24 January 2019

Planning Application for 6 Storey Block in Terenure - Notes for Making an Observation

As you will be aware, a block of 55 build to let (BTL) apartments is proposed for the site at the corner of Templeogue Road and Terenure Road West, currently occupied by Bill Sheehan Motors. There will be 40 one bedroom and 15 two-bedroom apartments. The building will also have three shops and 37 underground car parking spaces.

While it is an obvious site for development, we have serious concerns about the current proposal. We feel that because of its bulk, height, design, position and proposed usage, it is inappropriate for this site.

Full details can be obtained from the Dublin City Council website, planning reference 4702/18. At a public meeting last Sunday attended by well over 100, all speakers had serious reservations about the proposal. This meeting was organized by Cllr. Mary Freehill.

The Terenure Residents’ Association intends to submit an objection. If you agree with our assessment, you might like to consider sending one in yourself. It should be addressed to:

The Executive Manager, Planning Department, Dublin City Council, Wood Quay, Dublin 8, 

and quote above reference number. Submissions must be accompanied by a fee of €20. Submissions can be made on line from the page the reference number will pull up, or by post. Last day for the Council to receive submissions is Friday 1st February.

We have been asked to circulate a list of bullet points, most of which were made at the above meeting. Some of these may be useful in making a submission.

• Height of building (6 storeys). Much higher than surrounding buildings
• Bulky, block like appearance.
• Overdevelopment of a small site
• Slab like design
• Built directly onto the narrow footpath, no setback, no pull in space for vehicles
• Domineering impact on that part of Templeogue Road, overlooking of properties
• Architecturally completely out of character with the 2 storey red brick buildings in Terenure Place and Terenure Village Centre. Totally out of proportion to all other buildings in the village
• Unsuitable intrusion into and damaging to the historic urban village ambience of Terenure.
• Because of its prominent location, this site needs a suitable landmark iconic development which will be a focal point in the village. This proposed development is no such thing,
• The remaining section of the old circle of houses that gave Terenure its old name “Roundtown” will be lost.
• Additional traffic
• Inadequate access for fire brigade to rear of building.
• Difficulties caused by vehicles entering and leaving the car park through heavy peak time traffic.
• There will be more than the 37 cars owned by tenants of the building. There is no available parking for extra cars on surrounding residential roads.
• The mix of 40 one bedroom and 15 two-bedroom units is unsuitable for Terenure which, with schools etc. is a good place for families. BTL. with consequent transient population, is unsuitable for an urban village such as Terenure
• A development in this location should cater for older people downsizing
• Is the concept sustainable in the long term?.
• With so many vacant shops id Terenure, do we need more?
• Allowing a building like this in such a location will set a bad precedent.

Should you wish to contact our Planning Officer Jim Dowling directly, you can email him at

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