Monday, 3 December 2018

Drastic Action Needed to Solve the Traffic Problem in Terenure and Dublin Generally

We are all aware of the growing traffic congestion problem in Dublin, particularly here in Terenure with Terenure Cross (apparently) the busiest urban intersection in the City.

While there is a mixed reaction to the Bus Connects scheme, and the parallel plan to widen key roads at the expense of many front gardens, many believe this is little more than a temporary, "sticking plaster" solution that will not addresss the problem in the longer term.

One proposal made that seeks to solve the problem is that of extending the Metro link from Charlemont to Rathfarnham and beyond via Harolds Cross and Terenure.

You can read more about this proposal (made by Eamon Ryan TD) here.

The official Metro Link website is here.

And to really help, please sign the petition at