Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Garda Alert - Beware these Fraudsters, and Bank Card Skimming

We have been advised by Terenure Gardai of the following:
  1. Two male teenagers are using false or stolen headed notepaper from a local college in order to allegedly carry out collections for a prominent charity. Beware - they are bogus!

  2. There has recently been an outbreak of ATM skimming of bank cards at ALL banks in Rathmines. (This is where fraudsters use card reading devices either inserted into the card slot or over it so that when you put your card into the machine it can surreptitiously read its magnetic strip. Small cameras placed over the keypad then film you entering your PIN.) If you have used an ATM in Rathmines recently, ensure you carefully check your statements for suspicious activity and inform the bank immediately if you discover anything amiss.

  3. With summer coming and more activity in the garden, thefts will increase. You are urged to be vigilant, keep doors locked, and take particular care of gardening tools while working in the garden.

  4. Following recent incidents, the Garda wish to repeat the warning not to keep large sums of money in the house.

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