Saturday, 28 March 2015

Dublin City Council Decision on Lidl Application

Dublin City Council has published its decision on Lidl's application (Ref No 3963/14). The decision was made on 23rd February 2015. Permission was granted to retain the extended opening hours and to alter the requirement for public use of the car park, but four conditions were attached, including the following: 

(Condition 3) 
The hours of operation shall be between 08:00 to 22:00hrs Monday to Saturday and 09:00 to 19:00hrs Sundays and Bank Holidays, unless authorised by a prior grant of planning permission. 
Reason: To protect the residential amenities of the area. 

(Condition 4) 
The car parking shall be regulated as follows: 
(a) The 3 no. car parking spaces to the west of the site along Rathfarnham Road shall be used as pay and display spaces managed by the local authority, 
(b) The 15 no. surface car parking spaces located on site alongside Beechlawn Way shall be available to the public and to customers. 
(c) The 60 no. undercroft car parking spaces shall be available for customers of the supermarket only. Prior to the commencement of development, the applicant shall submit to, and agree in writing with, the planning authority details of the proposed management of the car parking associated with the supermarket. 
Reason: In the interest of orderly development and prevention of commuter parking.

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