Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Garda Alert - Watch Out For This Man

Terenure Gardai have asked us to issue the following alerts:

  1. SERIOUS ALERT: There is a man currently operating in the Rathmines area who calls at houses offering services such as window cleaning, gutter cleaning etc. He offers a yearly service for a one-off price, takes payment and gives an official looking receipt. Aside from not subsequently providing a service, Gardai believe he is also "casing" properties for subsequent burglary.

    The man is described as approximately 40 years old, 6' 3" tall and "ordinary looking". The Gardai want to know if he reaches the Terenure area.

    If anyone of this description calls on you, politely decline his services and call 999 or 112 IMMEDIATELY.

  2. As a result of a burglary in this area where an elderly lady let 2 girls who were selling lines into her house for a glass of water and to use the toilet and who stole cash, the Gardai want to remind everyone, especially older residents on their own, not to let ANYBODY you don't personally know, or hasn't made a prior appointment, into your home, whatever they may say.

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