Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Reminder - Lighting the Christmas Tree Sunday 7 December

Venue: Car park, Terenure Road North

11.00 Village market commences
 3.00 Santa's sleigh arrives at Caffrey Motors
 3.45 Tree lighting ceremony commences
 4.00 Lord Mayor arrives
 4.00 Cuddles and the Snow Queen commence
 4.30 Swing Kings arrive at the Evergreen Hall
 4.30 Santa's sleigh arrives at the taxi rank
 4.35 Santa goes to main stage
 4.45 Countdown for the tree lighting!
 5.00 Santa, Cuddles and the Snow Queen depart
 5.10 Childrens' goodie bags at the Evergreen Hall
 5.30 After Market party commences
 7.15 After Market party ends

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