Monday, 24 November 2014

Dublin City Development Plan, 2016-22

Dublin City Council has begun preparing the new City Development Plan for 2016 – 2022. The priority issues include:
expansion, development and regeneration of the city, 
climate change, 
the city and regional economy, 
community infrastructure and social inclusion, 
amenities and green spaces, 
population and housing, and

To inform the development plan process, the Council has put together an Issues Paper, which highlights some of the 'big picture' priority issues for the city over the next six years. Dublin City Council is encouraging citizens, communities and organisations to read through these issues and make observations.
From 10th November 2014 to 14th Jan 2015, you can make an observation through the Development Plan website on any of the issues outlined above. Click here to go to the Submission Form and enter your comments.
After 14th January 2015, Dublin City Council will review all comments as it prepares the Draft City Development Plan. The Draft Plan will in turn will be available to view and comment on in late 2015.

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