Monday, 3 December 2018

Drastic Action Needed to Solve the Traffic Problem in Terenure and Dublin Generally

We are all aware of the growing traffic congestion problem in Dublin, particularly here in Terenure with Terenure Cross (apparently) the busiest urban intersection in the City.

While there is a mixed reaction to the Bus Connects scheme, and the parallel plan to widen key roads at the expense of many front gardens, many believe this is little more than a temporary, "sticking plaster" solution that will not addresss the problem in the longer term.

One proposal made that seeks to solve the problem is that of extending the Metro link from Charlemont to Rathfarnham and beyond via Harolds Cross and Terenure.

You can read more about this proposal (made by Eamon Ryan TD) here.

The official Metro Link website is here.

And to really help, please sign the petition at

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Terenure Christmas Festival, Market and Tree Lighting This Saturday 1st December

This year's Christmas Festival and Bumper Village Market will be on:

Saturday 1st December 
11am - 6pm 

Christmas Festival and Tree Lighting 4pm - 5pm
After Party at The Evergreen Club from 6pm

Market & the Tree Lighting will take place in the Terenure Car Park. Hot Food, Artisan Produce, over 30 Craft Stalls.

All day live Entertainment: Christmas Carols, Irish Dancing, loads of local talent. Angel will MC the festivities. Post your letter Santa Claus Letterbox. Meet the Snow Queen & Cuddles on Stilts. Face Painting.

Special guest Santa Claus arriving on his open sleigh at 4pm

Free Goodie Bags for children + Free mulled wine for adults and much more……….

Please note that the car park will be closed to vehicles from Friday evening.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Sweeping Up The Leaves At Lakelands Park - pictures

Congratulations to the residents of Lakelands Park for their sterling efforts at sweeping up the leaves last weekend - should you wish to organise a "leaf-sweep", blue bags are available from the TRA (contact us here if you would like some) and these will be collected by Dublin City Council free of charge.  DCC can also provide brushes, gloves and high-vis tops free of charge upon request.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Dublin Bus - 15A and 15B no longer serving North Wall Quay

It seems that since Sunday, the 15A and 15B buses into town no longer cross the Custom House bridge and travel along the North Wall Quay to the Convention Centre, where they used to cross back over the Samuel Beckett bridge, past the Grand Canal Theatre and down Pearse Street to Ringsend.

Now they continue straight along Townsend Street and into Pearse Street on their way to Ringsend.

Dublin Bus are putting the spin that this "saves you up to 10 minutes on your journey time".  It only does this of course if you are travelling beyond Pearse Street to Ringsend, completely missing the point that many people want to travel to Custom House, the North Wall Quay, IFSC and Convention Centre.

There is no apology from Dublin Bus that far more people will be inconvenienced by this change than benefit from it, and less than a week's notice was given for the change.

Should you feel strongly enough to do so, you can complain to Dublin Bus using this link

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Free One-to-One Tuition to use your Laptop/Tablet/Smart Phone

Our Lady's School in Terenure, in conjunction with the voluntary teaching group 121 Digital, are once again offering free lessons on using laptops, tablet computers and smart phones.  They are particularly aimed at those who are nervous of new technology but want to learn the basics to realise the benefits of "going online".  The teaching is lead by professional instructors, with Transition Year students from the school helping on a one-to-one mentoring basis.

Lessons commence on Wednesday 7 November from 3.30 - 4.45 in Our Lady's School, Templeogue Road.  To book a place, please call the school on 01 490 3241.  All are welcome!

Saturday, 29 September 2018

TRA Submission Concerning The New BusConnects Proposals

The following is the text of the submission made by the Terenure Residents' Association to the National Transport Authority as part of the public consultation process concerning the new BusConnects proposals for a redesign of the Dublin bus network.  Full details of these proposals can be found here.

Dublin BusConnects Plan - Submission by Terenure Residents Association

The Terenure Residents Association represents about 750 homes close to, and south of, Terenure Cross. This submission is made to express our concerns about the impact of the BusConnects plan on the area we represent and surrounding parts of Terenure. The basic assumption underlying the scheme is that it will address the current problem of lack of adequate frequency and bunching on many routes at peak times. A very good frequency record is also required if the new scheme, based on changes of bus and short hops, is to work. To address these issues will require:

• An adequate number of buses and drivers at peak times
• Free running traffic especially at junctions.

 In general the services on the main routes through the area, Terenure Road East, Rathfarnham Road and Templeogue Road, will see similar or increased frequency which is to be welcomed. However, we get complaints of services to the City being so full in the morning peak that passengers from Terenure have great difficulty in getting to work. While the A4 service starting at Rathfarnham might address some of this, much more in the way of extra buses at peak times, starting from intermediate points on routes, will be necessary. We note that the A3 and A4 services inbound will be turning right at Terenure Cross where no such turn is now allowed.

There are other concerns about aspects of the plan.

The biggest single issue at present is the continued diversion of the main 15 routes away from the St. Stephens Green/Dawson St. area to Georges St. etc. Some elderly people who regularly went to places such as the National Concert Hall and Grafton St, have stopped going into the city altogether. In the plan the replacement routes still go by Georges St. and then go on via Parliament St. and the Quays. This will do nothing to encourage car users to go by bus. The plan seems to accept that the College Green Plaza idea will be approved. If this happens there should be no reason why the 15 services and successors should not revert to the Dawson St. route. Even if it does not happen, we would still like to see the routes revert. This would be preferable to the very likely congestion on the Quays.

Terenure Road West has had a through service to the City Centre since 1948 and this is gone in the plan. While the proposed orbital service S4 is frequent, the plan will increase journey times and create difficulties for access to schools.

Bushy Park Road has long had a through service to the city centre, now provided by the 15B route and going back to the No. 47 in pre-WW2 days.. In the plan this is gone and is replaced by a very infrequent loop service (234) which is one way west to east on Bushy Park Road. This will be completely useless as a replacement for the present arrangement particularly in the outgoing direction. The present 15B route serves two schools on Bushy Park Road, the MS Centre and numerous enclaves off the main road. There is also a high proportion of elderly people in the area

The through service from Terenure Road North/Harold’s Cross Road to the Camden St. George’s St. area will be lost.

While the proposed orbital S4 route would give an excellent service to UCD, not all bus users are students. We suggest that this service be extended to Blackrock as it is somewhat intended as a replacement for the present 17 route. Access to Blackrock and DART trains from Terenure would require too many changes.

Consideration should also be given to a frequent East - West diagonal service from Templeogue Village to Sydney Parade DART station. The S4 as shown in the plan goes south from Dartry and links to UCD. What is suggested here is a loop closer to the city centre and linking the LUAS and DART with Eglinton Road, Rathmines, Rathgar, Terenure and Templeogue. Sydney Parade would serve St. Vincent’s Hospital and connect with the DART. This service does not necessarily have to go through Terenure Village, and Rathgar Village which are already served by numerous routes. Many schools would also be served including Templeogue College, Terenure College, Our Lady’s, The High School, Alexandra, Gonzaga, Sandford Park and St. Michael’s among others. This route across the south city inner suburbs is already a well used route by car drivers. A frequent bus route would help to reduce traffic on these roads.

The present 17 route now provides a service from Terenure to Nutgrove Avenue shopping area and to Dundrum Luas station. A change at Rathfarnham will be necessary in the plan to get to Nutgrove and the proposed A3 route to Dundrum is very roundabout. Could the proposed A4 route be extended directly to Dundrum. Having to change buses on a short journey such as Terenure to Nutgrove will discourage bus travel.

 Over time people have built their lives around existing bus services by, for example, buying a house where they can get to work or school on an established bus route without having to change, The plan might impose severe hardship in these cases and we would ask that a study be made to establish such patterns and have the plan address difficulties where warranted. Accessing schools in the Rathmines Rathgar area would be examples. It is unreasonable and unsafe to expect children to have to change buses going to school Some current regular journeys which can now be done on one bus will require two changes. As a general principle it should be possible to make well established regular journeys with not more than one change.

The infrastructural changes proposed in the plan such as widening of roads at the expense of front gardens and one-way systems are causing great concern. There is specific mention in the Busconnects proposals of removal of parts of front gardens and loss of trees on the Tallaght to Terenure route and on the Rathfarnham to City Centre route, both of which pass through the area represented by the Terenure Residents, Association. We would ask that serious consultation including public meetings be organised in good time to address these concerns.

September 2018

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Men on the Move - FREE physical activity programme for MEN ONLY!

The successful Men on the Move fitness programme for MEN ONLY will return next week:

Tuesday 18 September. 7 - 8pm, St Joseph's Parish Hall
(Rear of St Joseph's School / Church, access via Beechlawn Way)


Thursday 20 September, 7 - 8pm, The Evergreen Centre
(Terenure Road North, rear of car park)

The programme runs for 12 weeks and is sponsored by Dublin City Sport and Wellbeing Partnership.  Participation is FREE!

Further details from Michelle Malone on 087 694 5082 or David Phelan on 087 652 5001

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

The New Bus Connects Proposals - NTA Information and Consultation Event Rathfarnham This Friday

There will be an Information Event by the National Transport Authority giving details of the radical proposals for changes to the Dublin Area Bus Network, known as Bus Connects.  The details are:

Rathfarnham Shopping Centre, Dublin 14
Friday 7 September
2 - 8pm

Details of the proposals are also available at .

Please note that these proposals concern bus routes and numbering, and are not connected with any proposals to improve bus corridors by the compulsory purchase of front gardens.