Saturday, 30 March 2019

TRA details concerns over BusConnects plans with the NTA

Representatives from the Association recently met with the NTA (National Transport Authority) to discuss the impact of the BusConnects proposals on our area.

The major concerns expressed by the Association to the NTA were the landtake of gardens on Rathfarnham Road and Terenure Road East, and the proposal to ban ingoing traffic except buses and cycles on Templeogue Road between Fergus Road Terenure Place. Additionally the Association raised the following issues with the NTA:

  1. Inbound traffic at Templeogue (Springfield Road junction): how would the enforcing of local traffic only towards Terenure be accomplished?
  2. The impact of adding diverted traffic at Rathfarnham Bridge
  3. Handling of Bushy Park patrons’ traffic and local access issues – Possibility of car park on south side of Dodder?
  4. Access to, and exit from, Fortfield Road at Templeogue Road
  5. Cycle lane provision on Rathdown Drive, possibilty of cycle track in green area
  6. Reinstatement of footpath alongside fence on Templeogue Road?
  7. Ingoing bus and cycle lane only lane between Olney and Terenure Place: could it be restricted to peak hours only?
  8. Possibility of relocating cycle lane away from Rathfarnham Road through Rathdown and Bushy Park
  9. Vastly reduce or eliminate land take on Rathfarnham Road by implementing the above and by designating it 30km/hr. Difficulties with gradients in gardens was also pointed out
  10. Similar consideration for Terenure Road East.
  11. Harold’s Cross Road will be the only direct route to the City from Terenure with Rathmines Road and Kimmage Road closed to inbound traffic. What alternatives are there?
  12. Village ambience destroyed by having 4 lane roads through it
  13. Serious need to retain parking and loading bays in village
  14. 2m. footpath not enough in village area
  15. Detail of junction design for bus priority
  16. Proposal of a pilot scheme for this with short approach bus lanes.
  17. Noted that the frequency of buses proposed in the new plan is actually less than there are now

The NTA took note of and discussed these concerns and agreed to consider them as part of their consultation process prior to publishing a revised plan later in the year.

The consultation process is ongoing and anyone can make a submission, but please note the final date of 30th April for making a submission. See BusConnects leaflet for details - this is being distributed to all houses in our area along with notice of our AGM, which will be held on 16th April in St. Joseph's Parish Hall. BusConnects will be on the agend.

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