Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Has Anyone Lost Their Dog?

This lovely dog has found its way to Terenure Garda Station on Christmas Day - can you help locate his proper home?  Please call Terenure GS on 01-666 6400 if you can help

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Jingle Bells Only ... Not Nerves Jangled by Alarm Bells!

Alarms are usually installed on business or domestic premises to deter burglars and to alert the Gardai and members of the public to something amiss. Unfortunately, external alarms that ring continuously may cause annoyance to those living close by. 

Is there a standard for how long alarms should ring?
Installers of alarm systems are required to have licences from the Private Security Authority. In order to get a licence, they have to adhere to certain standards, including maximum times for the sounding of external alarms – the maximum under the European standard is 15 minutes. Dublin City Council (DCC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or an individual may take action under the EPA Act to deal with breaches of these standards

My neighbour's alarm rings continuously. What can I do?
If a neighbour’s house alarm is causing a disturbance, the EPA advises that you approach your neighbour to discuss your concerns and what action you would like them to take and when. If this does not work,try contacting DCC’s Customer Service Centre at 222-2222 or customerservices@dublincity.ie. The same advice applies in the case of alarms on business premises. 

I'll be going away for a few days. What should I do about my alarm?
If you're going away this Christmas and leaving your alarm on, please ensure that you have nominated a key-holder who can access your premises if your alarm is activated. If that nominated key-holder is not a neighbour, you might consider passing the nominated key-holder's contact details to your neighbours.

Where can I get more information about dealing with alarm noise?
For more information on dealing with noise caused by house alarms check the following webpages: 

Wishing all our community a peaceful Christmas.